Alberta ‘Would-like-to’ See

We chose to go farther north into BC specifically so we can come through the rockies in Alberta, riding Icefields Parkway making our way through Jasper and Banff.  Afterwards we will go through Calgary and visit family in Three Hills.  From there we will visit Drumheller, since it’s more or less ‘on the way’ (what’s an extra 60km at this point). Oh and how great would it be to go to the Last Chance Saloon to in Wayne, AB. An extra 15km from Drumheller along the Hoodoo trail, making it an extra 30km return. We’ll see how we’re doing for time at this point.

Usefull links:
Icefields Parkway
Icefields Parkway – map
Lake Louise
Drumheller Valley Map
Dumheller Tourist site
Last Chance Saloon on Yelp


About Lake Louise Hostel: “The weather was forecast to be pretty cold so we’d decided to check into the hostel in Lake Louise. It was more pricey than most but absolutely gorgeous, like a ski lodge. And the best part was that it had a restaurant serving homecooked meals with lots of vegetarian options”


Three Hills to Drumheller route:

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