California ‘Would-like-to’ See

Touring the California coastline will be one of the many highlights of this trip. Our planned start date is the beginning of April, and we intend to take our time making our way north so that we don’t end up in nothern BC too early in spring. We know it will be cold, but it would be great if it’s not TOO cold. This gives us a bit of luxury while in California to take our time and see some of the best California has to offer.

Some areas of interst include:
Big Sur
Hearst Castle
17-Mile Drive

This is the first post in a series of planning and excitment filled posts about what we may try to see while in different areas.  They will be a resource for us to return to when we are in the area and my not have as much time for research and will be updated as we come across new things we may want to explore.  Please if you have any suggestions, add them below!