Choosing the route

There are a  few different factors that came into play when choosing the route. We had discussed biking across Canada, that was one of the main goals of this trip.  I wanted more time on the coast, and if I have figure things out with my job and we have to go through all the steps necessary to make this trip happen, we might as well take full advantage of it – so we decided to add the Pacific Coast route as well.

Instead of turning east when arriving in Vancouver, we’ve decided to continue north.  The main reason for this is to add a lot of scenic area, and specifically to include Icefields Parkway – the route between Jasper and Banff.  As well including more of northern BC and Vancouver island should also be quite rewarding.

We also hope to make stops in Three Hills AB, Plunkett SK, and London ON to visit family along the way.  The only other choice we’ve made is to go south into the US from Winnipeg as we’ve heard lots of stories of heavy traffic and no shoulder when staying within Canada.

As with all trips of this nature, the route is open to changes and nothing is set in stone.