• Mom

    I am following you!

  • Tee

    Way to go guys, see you in Seattle in a few weeks

  • anonymous

    zizi boy

  • Hi Jackie and Jesse, I am enjoying reading about your biking adventures through your daily blog. I think you are both amazing to undertake something like this. You will have lots of stories to tell and oh so many memories. Safe biking!

  • DAD


  • Dad

    Hey guys. Just finished your updates and crossing into Oregon. Rain on day 43 not bad. Fantastic reading and photo gazing. That couple biking India pretty amazing. Wonder if they carried ‘Tiger-spray’. I have off May 24 thru to June 3. If achievable dinner on me at our newest (unbelievable) Cactus Club. Beside the Olympic torches. Provincial election today so Carly, Kris, I off to vote. Too bad about the Leafs. Up 3 goals and lose to Boston in o/t in game seven. Now Toronto knows what its like being a Canuck fan. Well, back to work. Take care and keep on pedaling (American); pedalling (British). See you soon on the ‘wet’ coast.

  • Curtis Anderson

    Your in Seattle. Yahoo

  • Tee

    On behalf of the City of Seattle would like to apologize for the waist-deep mud in the middle of the city. We forgot to warm you in does rain a lot in Seattle. Anyways, it was great to see you guys and just like that you are Aunt and Uncle. . .you have really grown through this trip. Hopefully see you guys again in a few months

  • Blake&Viv

    Good job you two!!! Keep going it is keeping us entertained.. P.S. weather here is crap you aren’t missing anything.

  • Rino

    really good job thanks for the web site ,. take care

  • Herbert Niessen

    How is the trip going? It has been a few days since you wrote? I’m very curious at your stories to come… Have a nice last part of the trip…

    • Jackie Freeman

      Sorry for the delay in updates! We did finish the trip, and I have since become a bit distracted with my new day-to-day activities such as night classes and job hunting. But I hope to get everything all caught up to date in the next couple days. Thanks for following 🙂

  • Art brown

    Hi guys, happy to see you made it. I just got back from my Eugene OR to San Francisco trip; fantastic. We had some serious fog and overcast in most of Oregon, but super weather in California. Some monstrous tailwinds on a few days, which helped set a land speed record on my recumbent of 40.4 mph 🙂 Of course, I was not loaded with gear!! Happy trails, Art & Sue