Day 100 (!): Minnedosa to Portage la Prairie

Another day on the dodgy Manitoba roads. Jesse started the day with a swim in the lake at the campground before we started up the road to where we were told was a good spot for breakfast. Once we arrived we saw it had closed down – yesterday. After standing there long enough to know they weren’t going to open the doors and feed us, we got going.

We ran into other touerers today, for the first time in a long time. Karen and Aidan were on the second day of their tour and stopped in for a break at the same gas station rest stop as us. They even offered to let us stay at their place in Winnipeg while they were on their trip, but we already had a Warm Showers host setup.

We left the Yellowhead highway today as it merged with the Trans Canada #1. It was here that the traffic greatly increased and we completely lost our shoulder. So we chose a back road, which was a dirt road, but given it wasn’t raining and the road wasn’t wet, it wasn’t too bad at all to ride on. We did encounter more crazy dogs chasing us, but we were left unscathed.

As we arrived in town we looked for the campground listed on google maps, but it turned out that campground was Child & Family services. So instead we got a motel since the sun was already setting.

  • Scott Donaldson

    Congratulations on making 100 days. Epic trip guys.