Day 101: Portage la Prairie to Winnipeg

Riding into and out of Winnipeg is one of the more concerning aspects of most rides across Canada. It is known not to be too cyclist friendly. Leaving Portage we chose to take Highway 26. Even though it added 20km to our ride, it was a very quiet road and much nicer than riding on the highway – even if there were shoulders (and we weren’t convinced that there were.)

At the end of the 26 we were able to take a service road next to the Trans Canada for a little while before we did have to cross over the highway to get to the other side to be able to ride on the Trans Canada. Thankfully until we reached Winnipeg we did have a shoulder. Once entering the city however the shoulder ended and we had to ride in the lane. It was a 6 or 8 lane road, so the cars did have an easy way around us. Though it’s still intimidating riding on a road that busy.

We found our way easily to Art’s place. Art and Sue were our Warm Showers hosts. Art was excited to have us after years of being a member of Warm Showers but not yet having the chance to host. We were warmly welcomed and greatly enjoyed their company for the evening.