Day 116-117: Sault Ste Marie

Our first rest day in Sault Ste Marie was spent as many are – a bit of sight seeing and catching up on chores and work. During our bike trip to Velorution (best bike shop with a free campground for touerers) we passed a couple who seemed to be off in the bush. They told us they were picking Saskatoon berries, also known as sugarplums in Ontario. So we stopped to pick a few and try them out. For dinner we went to Evan’s parents place on Goulais Bay where we had a great dinner and again a swim-sauna opportunity.

On Friday we considered leaving, but the weather forecast was terrible and once the rain started it didn’t seem to end for quite a few hours. It was a very heavy rain with a lot of thunder and lightening so we were happy for the decision to stay. It also gave me a chance to make dinner, which made me happy to be able to cook whatever I wanted – having a full kitchen at my disposal.