Day 118: Sault Ste Marie to Iron Bridge

Much of today was spent trying to avoid the main highway. We took backroads and gravel roads for 70km leaving the Sault to Bruce Mines, where we had to ride the highway. These back roads took us through Mennonite country, which was pretty neat. We passed many homes with homemade signs stating their services, and that they were closed on Sundays. Passing one home we could see a woman out front cutting the lawn silently with a push-mower, her long dress blowing in the wind, three or four kids running around the front lawn as the laundry dried on the line outside. Then a little kitten ran across the grass. Farther on a younger guy said hello as he walked passed us on the road. Then passing another house a man started talking to Jesse, asking him about our trip and sharing dislike for the loose gravel shoulders on the highway, as the kids stared at us from behind him. It was quite interesting hearing his thick accent and the manor in which he spoke. I think maybe Jesse’s beard gave him a bit of an ‘in’ in the Mennonite community!

At the campground we were told about the plentiful wild blueberries that were growing just in the ditch at the side of the road. I was happy to spend an hour picking wild blueberries – fruit is something that seems to be missing most from our diet on this trip!