Day 119: Iron Bridge to Esplanoa

From Iron Bridge we rode to Blind River where we stopped for breakfast. Later two other cyclists sat down in the booth behind us, having seen our bikes from the road. Later on the narrow, busy, non-cyclists friendly highway we had a chance to speak with them for a while (pulled off onto a side road). They were a father and son team from the US, Kevin and Don, who were doing a couple week trip around lake Huron. Kevin works for Google in Denmark so we had fun chatting about that as well. And given their touring setup I think it’s fair to assume this isn’t their first tour!

After passing the town of Spanish I was anxiously awaiting River Rd. Most of today was spent counting down the 90km to where we no longer have to ride on this highway. When River Rd finally came we took the turn off, which added a few kilometers and had us riding sometimes on gravel, but gave us a really quiet alternative to the highway. This road took us right into Massey, where we easily found Lee Valley Rd and continued on the same mix of gravel and paved for at least 25km to Esplanola. The only challenging part was when a car wanted to pass on the gravel. The cars seemed resistant to getting out of the way on gravel, and not understanding that we can’t easily pull over into the mound of loose gravel but need to ride in the hard pressed area where the cars tires usually ride.

It was a great feeling to arrive in Esplanola and know for sure now that we had left highway 17 behind.