Day 120: Esplanola to South Baymouth

Today was quite the hilly day over the escarpment and onto Manitoulin Island. Once an area of flatland opened up we were facing incredibly strong headwinds, so that didn’t make things any easier. We saw Kevin and Don again today, they caught up with us at a rest stop. We seem to go a bit farther then them each day, but they keep catching up and passing us mid-day.

A little ways onto the island, just past 10-Mile point, large shoulders appeared beside the road and the ride became very enjoyable. There was very little traffic and the only towns we passed were quite small or off the highway completely.

Nearing South Baymouth we came across three British guys who were trying to hitchhike across they island. They were backpacking across Canada, and since there were no buses they didn’t have any other option to get across. They didn’t seem too sure of this plan at the time, they were concerned for where they would be able to setup their tents for the evening.

We made it to South Baymouth and setup the tent at another waterfront site, then went to the nearby restaurant for dinner.