Day 121: South Baymouth to Southampton

The large number of Canadian Geese beside our tent ensured we were awake for the sunrise today. I took some photos and then we began packing up our site. This gave us time to return to the same restaurant for breakfast. We heard some more great stories from the owner – he told us we were the third best story he had heard, after a man who biked from Alaska and another young man who was walking from Toronto to Vancouver and then south to Argentina.
At the ferry terminal we saw Don and Kevin again – they made it from their farther site and again caught up with us to catch the same early ferry. While on the ferry we saw a few other bike tourers down below who must have just missed the ferry.

It was a quiet and sunny ride to Tobermory. I was excited to get to Tobermory – somewhere I knew and had visited many times before. Arriving there I discovered how close the ferry terminal was to the town and just how small the town was. Everything seemed much bigger before. We did a quick ride into town and then started down highway 6.

There were small shoulders but we were still very conscious of passing cars. Eventually we did turn towards the west to head to Sable Beach where we were able to ride on a very quiet, and very hilly, road towards Lake Huron.

We stopped at Sable Falls to quickly see the falls, then we rode into Sable Beach. There were some campgrounds in the area but Sable Beach didn’t quite have a good feel to it so we decided to keep going to Southampton.

Southampton surprised me with how nice it was. There were many large Victorian homes, and a really nice waterfront area with a lighthouse. Riding over a bridge and looking to the right the sun was getting close to setting over the water, just past the lighthouse. A perfect picture but I didn’t stop since we were on the bridge, Jesse was behind me and I thought I saw another person behind him in my mirror – though I realized afterwards I must have been mistaken.

We discovered that the campground that we thought was in town was actually just on the edge of town, and it was also the most expensive campground on the trip – $45 for a small little site on a field, and the facilities there were not very good at all. The campground was more of a permanent summer RV home and not really meant for overnight camping. Though it did give us somewhere to sleep other than a motel and put us that much closer to our destination tomorrow.