Day 123: Belgrave to London

This morning Ken and Jocelyn let us try their tandem bike before we left for the day. It was certainly a different challenge, and much more difficult for Jesse than for me, since I only had to sit on the back and pedal.

After saying goodbye we made our way to Clinton where we found the bakery they recommended. Walking in and looking at the variety of options we could see it was definitely a good recommendation. For $9 I had fettuccine alfredo with a cesar salad and garlic bread, and Jesse had the $6 waffle and then pie for desert. Definitely good prices.

We stayed on side roads to make our way to London avoiding the larger highway. On one of these roads we met Cameron. He is also an avid tourer so we had a lot to talk about with him. While chatting with him two roadies came up and started talking to us as well – impressed with the trip but having never toured. After parting ways with Cameron and agreeing we should meet up in Montreal later in the year, we kept riding towards London. Our backroad turned into a dirt road, but that was more appealing than a busy road so we kept going. Nearing London we took Hyde Park road to enter the city – not the best choice since it is a very busy and narrow road. Navigating through the north end was also a bit of a challenge since I didn’t know which roads were good for cycling and would also take us where we needed to go. Eventually we got on the bike path and made our way to my parents place – it was great to finally arrive, enjoy a huge meal, visit with my parents and my cat and sleep in a known place for the first time on the trip.