Day 127: Dundas to Toronto

After breakfast at Dave’s we went to the cafe recommended by Dave which is frequented by cyclists, Domestique, just to check it out.

By the time we reached Burlington my friend Shashini had caught up with us and was able to meet us in the park. We sat and talked there for a while with her and her dog Lola, before we went for a Thai lunch at a nearby restaurant. I was conflicted between the Pad Thai or the Red Curry for lunch, and chose the Red Curry. It was absolutely fantastic.

Riding into Toronto wasn’t too difficult, though at times we were on a road with busy traffic, or getting turned around trying to follow the pathway. Being a holiday Monday all the parks were very busy and people seemed to be all over the path without realizing it was a thoroughfare for cyclists.

We reached the CNE and met my brother Chris, and then went to his place where we had a great Pad Thai dinner and spent the evening with his girlfriend Tara and a couple of their friends.