Day 128-133: Toronto to Montreal

In order to catch up, I’ve decided to lump the entire Toronto-Montreal route into one post. Not because it is less deserving of a day-to-day account, because it isn’t, but rather because we were kept quite busy on the section so I was unable to keep up with each day as it passed.

Leaving Toronto we took the Waterfront Trail nearly the entire way to Kingston. At times it was quite frustrating when it seemed to turn of from the main road, take a long and unnecessary detour, and then just return us to the same road we were just on. However it was beautiful and most of the time completely off the highway, and providing the cool breeze from the water. As well as the added kilometers and the reduced speed from following the trail, we were also trying to arrange our days to stay with friends in Kingston as well as Ottawa.

Our day to Kingston was a 150km day – the longest yet. Conrad, Michelle and their new baby Elijah were waiting for us there and had a dinner all ready for us. We arrived quite late and after sunset, but we did (accidentally) get to see how nice Prince Edward County is as well as the Loyalists Parkway. We definitely could have spent an extra day or two in this area.

We spent a long morning at Conrad and Michelle’s house before leaving the trail and heading towards Ottawa. It felt like we weren’t making much progress and we didn’t quite get as far as we had hoped – it always feels better starting early. This left us with another long day to get to Ottawa. We planned to stay with our friend’s Sebastien and Johanny so we had a fixed destination that we wanted to reach. We did make it to Ottawa, but we wanted the chance to see Johanny and since she worked the night before, we went out for breakfast in the morning.

This left us with another late departure and arriving again very late and in the dark to our Warm Showers hosts place in Rigaud, Qc. We chose the shorter but less interesting route to Rigaud. This was the Prescott-Russel rail trail which went nearly all the way from Ottawa from Rigaud. This direct route did allow us to ride at a fast pace not having to worry about navigation, but it wasn’t too inspiring. However it was fun to listen to music and sing while riding completely alone in the middle of farms, fields and forested areas.

Finally we had a short day to Montreal and an early departure. This gave us lots of time to visit with Karina, her mother in law, and her two young children Diego and Sofia. We had a long lunch at her place on the way into Montreal.