Day 136: Trois Rivieres to Neuville

It now feels like we’ve entered the ‘real’ Quebec. Where its possible that our french is better than others English, so we’re actually able to practice without who we’re speaking with to instantly switch to English. We are passing quaint small towns with a different feel, and generally offer pleasant riding with many things to look at even if we don’t necessarily feel the need to stop.

I’ve also noticed the gardens – we have passed many vegetable gardens, and they look (nearly) as good and organized as those in Mennonite and Amish country. It seems every small town has a large and spectacular church, we pass many fresh fruit and vegetable stands on the road, and pass numerous cyclists along the way.

There are also many rest stops along the – we don’t have to worry much about finding a washroom or having enough water. We even found a rest stop specifically for cyclists today, even including an outdoor misting station too cool off at.