Day 137: Neuville to Montmagny

Another early start today saw us on the road and riding 1 minute before 8am. We passed many more cyclists today as we approached Quebec City. Consistently waving, smiling, head-nodding and saying ‘bonjour’ to the many who passed by. The closer we got to the city the busier the route became. At one point there was even a cyclist drafting behind me – I always assume they must want to pass me but maybe he enjoyed being able to take it easy for a bit.

We rode right into Quebec City along the pathway and stopped at the market for lunch. There we enjoyed a long leisurely lunch. Then we went to find the ferry across to Levi. While waiting for the ferry a family came and talked to us – the kids being a bit shy to use their English, but we were happy to be able to practice french with Norman. It’s been so nice to speak French over the last few days and not have people immediately speak English back to us. Jesse spoke for the duration of the ferry with Norman while I took some pictures and walked a bit around the ferry.

On the other side we had great views back to Quebec city – certainly the best location for any picnic. The farther east we rode the more the pathway cleared up and again we seemed to have it to ourselves. We stopped for ice cream – which seemed like a good idea at the time, but ended up leaving us feeling ill and taking an extended break at the next nice rest stop we found. At least it was a very nice rest stop area right on the water in Berthier-sur-mer.

In the town of Monmagny we setup camp with a waterfront and waterfall view – at least until an RV pulled up and parked directly in front of us, but the sun had already set so it wasn’t too disappointing.