Day 138: Montmagny to Riviere du Loup

Again an early start – we’re on a roll! We had even finished our restaurant breakfast before 9am. We had the wind at our backs all day today and it was amazing. It was the kind of wind we were facing many days in California, but this time we had the chance to see how amazing it is when that will is helping you and not hindering you.

Not too far into the morning ride we passed the Quebec Maritime Museum. In the back I could see two large ships, potentially interesting, so we took a closer look. While there we could see they were setting up for a show and we were told some singers would soon perform, and that it should be good. We sat for the show and they certainly were good. It was a group of men from New Brunswick performing maritime music from many years ago.

Riding on, we rode past many small towns, most of which we picturesque and of interest. The next stop came when passing a small road-side cassse-croute which looked like a bit more than your average casse-croute. Sure enough, inside there were many newspaper articles and write ups about the restaurant, so it seemed we picked the right place. I enjoyed an ‘Asian inspired’ veggie burger which was a nice change.

We’ve transitioned again into a new landscape. The mountainous terrain is now on our side of the river too, starting first with small ‘button’ rocks, and now with a larger mountain range surrounding us. We passed up and over one small mountain range, and on the other side the temperature dropped significantly – possibly 5 to 10 degrees it felt like. We will see if these cooler temperatures will stick with us as we will soon be facing coastal temperatures again.

Arriving in Riviere du Loup we picked up Subway sandwiches before we rode the long and mostly downhill way to the campground.