Day 141: Edmunston, NB to Perth-Andover

We were back on the highways today, but these highways may have been the best ones of the trip. We had a nice smooth surface, a large shoulder, a more or less direct route and hardly any traffic. We took highway 144 and highway 130. Both are the secondary highways to the Trans-Canada highway 2, so very few cars chose to take these slower roads, but yet they were still well maintained. It works out perfectly for cycling.

Food is still less-than-thrilling. We have become more and more comfortable with fast-food stops, which often have better offerings than the roadside diner, casse-croute, or chip stand that are other common options for us. We’ve discovered we can order McDonalds salads without any meat (Jesse still doesn’t trust their meat) and that their smoothies may actually have real fruit in them, as advertised. Subway’s breakfast sandwiches are often the only way to get a morning meal with some colour; I have yet to try Tim Horton’s granola, though I’m sure I will soon because it seems I’m finally tiring of their bagels (though now I know I can easily add lettuce and tomato to any bagel which may keep my interest a little while longer), and their fruit and yogurt is a good option that I’ve just discovered. A lot of time is now spent thinking of what I will be able to eat in a few weeks once normality resumes – usually it entails daydreams of large bowls of vegetables and fruit!

Otherwise, (returning to the topic) New Brunswick hasn’t yet made much of an impression. Many drivers let us go ahead whenever we’re waiting at an intersection, many people say hello, the landscape we’re seeing isn’t overly exciting, full of trees and small hills, but that may be our own fault in not properly planning for the coastal route. This route will take us through Fredericton and Moncton, so we should have a good feeling for the ‘real’ New Brunswick once we’re through.