Day 142: Perth-Andover to Woodstock

Today brought a bit more of interest than previous days in New Brunswick. We passed a market in the town of Florenceville but unfortunately we weren’t hungry when we were there. There seemed to be a lot of good food and it would have been a perfect alternative to some of the other common food we find ourselves eating.

While at the market Jesse spent a while talking with a local guy who has been hired to take photos of the market throughout the summer, and he recommended Woodstock as a nice town to stop in, saying it was the oldest town in New Brunswick.

We then rode into Hartland and found the longest covered bridge in the world. A nice surprise after feeling like we hadn’t seen too much of interest in a while.

We decided to make Woodstock that our destination for the night. Not a long day but hopefully giving Jesse some time to work. However once we arrived we ended up staying at the campground in town, which was a bit too far from the city center for us to be able to explore it. Perhaps leaving we will have the chance to see a bit more.

We did choose to take the rough trail for a bit of the ride which gave us a nice waterfront view and also avoided some hilly areas, which made up for the slower going trail, so we did have some nice scenic spots along the way.