Day 145: Fredericton to Waterborough

Today was especially tough. We left most of the hills behind us and the route flattened out, we didn’t have an especially long day, but it was a mentally challenging day for me. I didn’t feel like leaving the hotel, even after having a nice, relaxing and enjoyable rest day the day earlier, but I also didn’t feel like extending the trip by adding another rest day. There were a few tricky parts leaving Fredericton, getting on and off a bridge, but nothing compared to other places we had ridden.

It was good that we had great, sunny weather, were riding next a river, and generally had a relatively pleasant day, otherwise it may have been too much of a challenge for me. It’s also good we didn’t pass any train stations.

The afternoon brought better feelings, and the appearance of a great farm stand just beside our campground made all those past negative feelings evaporate. I bought corn on the cob, garden peas to be shucked, fresh yellow beans, small white onions, and even a small stick of butter to make the corn that much better. These are some of the things I enjoy most.