Day 146: Waterborough to Grand-Barachois

We had decided to see if there was a chance in making the Aug. 30 ferry to Newfoundland, so we had a couple long days planned ahead. Though I didn’t think there was much of a chance in making it, at least a couple longer days would put us ahead of schedule for the Sept. 2 ferry.

Shediac was our goal for the evening. It’s known as the “Lobster Captial of the World” and seemed like a good place to make our goal. We made it to Shediac early enough in the evening that we could go a bit farther. The only campgrounds in Shediac looked quite terrible, with the RVs nearly touching they were crammed so close together. We found another campground about 10km down the road, and though it was equally filled with RVs, this one did have a special tree covered area for tents and overnight campers.