Day 148: Charlottetown to Pictou, NS

We took the trail into Charlottetown where we stopped for a bit before continuing across PEI. Leaving the trail we seemed to loose some of the initial charms of PEI, but not too long after we got out of Charlottetown’s vicinity the traffic calmed and even being on the TransCanada it was quiet and peaceful.

The ferries to Nova Scotia seemed to be almost every two hours, so we decided to pick up our pace a bit to try to make it to the 4:30 ferry instead being stuck there waiting over an hour for the next one to arrive. At 4:25 we pulled up to the gate where we had to purchase our ticket, and they told us that yes we can make the ferry. We rode down to the ferry and made it on board, just in time.

It was a 75 minute crossing which gave us time to get something to eat on board and enough time to relax. Maybe it was because it was an overcast day, but it wasn’t too scenic of a crossing. Except for the immediate departure from PEI which was quite nice – and it seemed as though PEI planned it that way, but it was still nice being on the water.

We arrived in Pictou early enough in the evening that I had the chance to walk into town and take photos during the best hour of sunlight. Appropriately, there was a bagpipe band playing as well. I saw a sign when arriving saying there was music every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night so I thought this band may be a part of that but it turns out they were just the warm-up for the show which took place inside the arts center, not outside as I had hoped. It was a paid and ticketed event so the bagpipe warm-up band had to suffice!