Day 149: Pictou, NS to New Glasgow

A very short day indeed. Jesse needed a work day and rain was in the forecast so we decided to move at least 20km to a new town and made our way to New Glasgow. We started our morning by going to Sharon’s Place restaurant, a place filled with locals in the center of Pictou.

Then we had no choice but to take the highway towards New Glasgow. We rode along the causeway which connected Pictou, but along with a lot of wind and traffic on this route there also seemed to be a lot of dead birds. The road through the middle of the open water probably confuses the birds, putting them in harms way. This area didn’t smell very good either. Not because of the dead birds – there weren’t that many, but something was causing a foul smell. A little while later we passed an area near a land fill site, again foul smelling. There was heavy and loud traffic for an area I didn’t expect to be so busy, and as we neared New Glasgow we ended up riding in the gravel part of the shoulder for lack of a decent paved shoulder. Nova Scotia just isn’t setting a good first impression! (I didn’t even take one picture today)

The rest of the day was spent in Tim Hortons and at a motel, avoiding the persistent rain and winds really would have made for an unpleasant ride.