Day 150: New Glasgow to Antigonish

It was another rainy day today but this time we had to ride, at least a bit farther than yesterday. The whole time we were riding in a heavy mist/rain, and in very heavy winds. The winds were mostly a side wind and occasionally a tail wind. At least not often headwind.

We found a better road to ride on than the Trans Canada. Highway 4 runs more or less parallel to the Trans Canada and was fairly free of traffic. We took that the whole way to Antigonish, with the exception of one small area of 5 or 6 kilometres where we had to ride on the highway. The highway was exceptionally busy; apparently because of the long weekend, the return to university, and another special event taking place in Antigonish. Luckily though we were able to find a room in town and were able to get out of the rain early in the day.