Day 151: Antigonish to St. Peters

The morning started with some fog and mist but it didn’t take too long for it to dissipate. Not long into our ride the sun was shining and we could more properly enjoy Nova Scotia. We took some nice side roads which gave us ocean views as we made our way to Port Hawkesbury. Just before the causeway we stopped at Tim Hortons for our usual daily break. We hadn’t reached Port Hawkesbury yet but when we did pass through it didn’t really seem like we missed an opportunity in town by stopping earlier at Tim Hortons. We chose to take Highway 4 to the east and through St. Peter’s. This was mostly a last minute decision because the distance from Antigonish to St. Peters worked better for us than a long day to Baddeck would have. It would have been great to ride the Cabbot Trail, but saving it for another trip will work out quite well too. As well we knew we wanted to go to Sydney River, so it was shorter to take Highway 4 to get there the following day.

We ran into another girl who was also riding across Canada. Megan was great fun to talk to, and also enjoying finally having a sunny day after quite a few rainy days. She joked and apologized for how much talking she did, saying she hadn’t talked to people in quite some time.

We reached St Peters in the early evening, and it did seem like quite a nice little town on the water, with a lighthouse glowing in the setting sun. To be able to photograph the nice view though it seemed like we would have had to find a way behind the main street buildings, which I didn’t do at the time and didn’t have an opportunity to later on.