Day 152: St. Peters to Sydney River

Today we had only an 80km ride which was quite nice. We were to stay with my dads friend Bill in Sydney River, and with very few place on the route I knew we wouldn’t be tempted with too many places to stop. However the thick morning fog encouraged us to stay a bit longer at the Tim Hortons in town.

Around 10:30 we really got going, riding through on and off mist, rain, and sometimes just cloud cover. It was a cool day but the extreme moisture and humidity in the air kept us from feeling too cool. We did have some nice views along the lake, even if we missed the Cabot Trail.

We stopped for lunch at a roadside stop, Me and the Mrs, which was really the only place to stop on the way. And to its credit, its past clientele includes Sir Paul McCartney. From there I called Bill to let him know where we were at. Only 30km more to his place.

As we left our lunch spot the rain became harder but knowing we didn’t have far to go kept the rain from being to disappointing.

We arrived at Bill and Helen’s in the early evening and enjoyed talking late into the night with them. We didn’t get an opportunity to try out their pool, but in saving the Cabot Trail we know we will have to return another time.