Day 153: Sydney River to North Sydney and the ferry to Argentia, Newfoundland

The ferry to Argentia leaves at 5pm and it was only 20km from Bill and Helen’s place, so we weren’t in too much of a rush to get going. We had breakfast and then Bill took us on a quick drive and tour around Sydney.

We gave ourselves enough time to reach the ferry by the required 3pm cutoff. When we reached the ferry we saw Megan’s bike, and then soon saw another couple Lois and Paul who we had seen earlier in Pictou. Having all just ridden across Canada and now having less than 150km to go until we were done, we could share in each others excitement, and stories of highlights and lowlights from the road. It seemed we all were happy to be almost complete, sharing a certain level of exhaustion we were all feeling, but still happy for having had the experience.

The ferry ride itself was quite enjoyable – it always feels like a bit of a luxury to be moving without any effort. It was even more enjoyable too since Jesse decided to splurge on a cabin. This ferry discourages sleeping anywhere but in a cabin. Though you may be able to get away with it in the theater, it would be hard to spend so much time trying to sleep in an upright airline type chair. It did seem like some people managed to sleep in the lounge, but they had a video playing of the rules on board that said this wasn’t allowed.

As for the food, there was an expensive buffet, or an overpriced small shop which sold basic sandwiches, hot dogs, and soup. Neither option was very appealing.