Day 154: Argentia to terrible roadside motel near Whitbourne

Newfoundland is incredible. Absolutely incredible. Even before leaving the ferry, looking out as we were pulling up it just looked different and unique. It was exciting to have made it, I was very happy I never gave up, and that we were able to arrive within the timeframe I had before I had to return to Montreal for some classes.

Immediately leaving the ferry we had all the welcome signs, and we made sure to stop for some pictures. Then we rode up a huge hill to reach the information center. They encouraged us to visit Placentia, but that would mean riding down and then right back up the same size hill we just rode up so we decided against it. There is only one way to ride, so we rode the 50 or so kilometers towards the Trans-Canada highway. After all the ferry traffic passed us, we seemed to have the road to ourselves. It was fun looking around at the vastness of the land around us.

There was only one place to stop on the way to St. John’s, which is where the highway we were currently on met up with the Trans-Canada. Here there was a dodgy motel, a chicken restaurant and another family restaurant. We stopped at the family restaurant for lunch and ended up deciding to find a place to stay in the town of Whitbourne. We chatted a bit with the servers in the restaurant before we left for the motel Jesse found online that was in town. So we rode into Whitbourne looking for the motel, only to discover it was actually that dodgy motel we had just passed on the highway. The extra riding wasn’t disappointing since it was still early in the day and we still had the novelty of being in Newfoundland to keep even a small town with very little to offer exciting.

We returned to the motel on the highway and Jesse checked in. The person ringing us in told Jesse just after his credit card was swiped that there was no water in the room. Well, there was water but it wasn’t drinkable and it was brown. And it wasn’t just because of the water that this seemed like one of the worst places we’ve stayed on the trip. But our standards aren’t too high and it was dry, warm, and offered us a place to be and sleep so we managed just fine. And we had already read this review, so we knew not to expect too much: “It smelt like a crack party at Elton John’s house. The obscurity of the lobby made me feel like a squirrel among rabbits. The free tv was the best part; well at least I hope it was free.”