Day 25: San Francisco to Tomales

We started the day with a muffin and coffee from the hotel’s breakfast table, then got on the bikes around 8am. We rode along towards the Golden Gate Bridge, following pathways along the way. We saw Crissy Field, and then turned uphill to get to the bridge. As we neared the bridge, we saw many tourists taking their photos everywhere, which made riding a bit difficult on the bridge.

Once across, we talked to a highway patrol office and a construction worker. The officer was on a bike and seemed to be in charge of bike traffic, so we asked him about how to get to where we needed to be and found out that involved taking our bikes first down a big, steep set of stairs, and then back up on the other side of the bridge. Before we started doing this, we spent a while talking with them about our trip and about bears.

After our extended rest in San Francisco, we had an extensive day planned for ourselves. We will try to increase our distances to speed things up a bit, so today instead of stopping at 50km, we were planning to go to 110km and stop at Bodega Beach. Crossing the bridge and then getting through the next highly residential area took longer than we expected though and by the time we were getting hungry for lunch we hadn’t made it all too far. We stopped for another Mexican meal – though we can tell we’re getting farther from the Mexican border as the restaurants are reducing in their quality and value.

Pushing on, we had one decent hill to climb, which was a brutal long and slow incline which just made both of us feel like we had no power or energy since the road looked flat but yet we had a hard time going anywhere. Eventually we reached the top then were able to ride a slow decent. We passed up the Samuel P Taylor campground, even though it looked great, because it was still early and we feeling alright enough to keep going.

It was a nice ride through rolling hills with very little traffic. We passed one other tourer on the road around 6:30, he was also feeling pressed to figure out where he would stay the night.