Day 26: Tomales to Fort Ross

Not wanting to leave our great room too early, we started today at 9am after a Cliff bar breakfast. We had a long goal of 100km and a shorter option of 70km, depending on how we felt and time.

The area was full of rolling hills, even though the initial area didn’t have any large grades, we still were climbing up and subsequently rolling down a few moments later. As we met up with another fair sized highway, traffic seemed to greatly increase and we lost the quiet road we enjoyed yesterday. Our plan was to stop in Bodega Bay for breakfast, but by the time we arrived it was after 11 and they had stopped serving breakfast. We did stop for lunch, enjoying some time indoors with a great view, even if it was a tourist priced restaurant.

Back on the road, we kept going until Jenner. Our double rest day in San Francisco didn’t seem to help us feel stronger, but seemed to have the opposite effect. When we saw Jenner we were happy to stop. The winds had picked up, bringing with them quite cool air. There is a great little cafe with a perfect patio area that we stopped at for hot drinks and pastries. Not eager to move to quickly, we stayed a while, sitting in the warm indoors.

Eventually it was time for the final push to the campground. We had already decided we wouldn’t try for 100km today since there was still a fairly large climb ahead. The roads seemed to get very busy as well, likely weekend traffic leaving the city to get away for the weekend, but with narrow roads, a steady incline and a headwind, it wasn’t pleasant riding. Eager to get off the road we pulled into the first campground after Fort Ross, even if we heard good things about the next one. Other than free hot showers, there isn’t much difference from one campground to the next, especially when its cold and we wouldn’t be able to spend much time on the beach anyways.

Dinner came together better than expected, which was a nice surprise. We had been carrying red lentils for a while and it was time to use them. Adding a lightly fried onion, a can of tomato best, chillies, curry powder and a stock cube, we were able to enjoy a curried red lentil tomato soup for dinner; which also did a good job to provide a bit of warmth on a cool night.