Day 27: Stillwater Cove at Fort Ross to Manchester State Park

Today seemed to be an especially challenging day for me, as we started another day with narrow roads winding roads through the forest with no shoulders. Our campsite wasn’t too far off the highway, so through most of the night and in the morning before we left we could hear the traffic awaiting us.

A telling sign – the only picture taken today. We saw this sign again 15 miles later…
A telling sign – the only picture taken today. We saw this sign again 15 miles later…
Once we got on the road we could see most of the traffic was coming towards us. We weren’t too sure what the draw was or where they were coming from, but I was hoping we would manage to be off the road by the time they returned. Bodega Bay did have a fisherman’s festival on during the weekend, which may have something to do with it.

In Gualala we stopped to get a couple things for dinner at the grocery store, and to sit for a bit and have lunch. We had fresh pizza and picked up some tomato soup to add to some pasta we had been given which we would for dinner. The grocery store was nice and large, however there didn’t seem to be much else in Gualala of interest. We were hoping for more in Point Arena, and maybe even a decent motel. I was especially hopeful for this since it didn’t seem like my legs wanted to pedal at all today.

In Point Arena the town looked very rundown, and when we arrived all we could hear was people yelling at each other. There seemed to be a road which turned off towards the waterfront which had better food and accommodation options, but without knowing where or what was there, we stayed on the main route. After seeing that the inn that was mentioned on our Adventure Cycling maps was shut down we quickly knew we wouldn’t be spending the night there. The town of Manchester wasn’t too far and there was a couple camping options, so we decided to move on.

On the way we did see a better looking cafe, so we stopped there to get off the road and for a couple milkshakes. From there we went to the campground, which was just past the grocery store in Manchester. Riding down to the campground, we passed right by a KOA campground. It seemed super crowded and busy, and generally not the type of camping we enjoy, but on this occasion we probably would have been better paying more and going there so we could make use of the hot showers and laundry. Something to remember for next time.