Day 28: Manchester State Park to Fort Bragg

With a successful early start this morning we were on the road just a bit past 7. Our goal was to beat as much of the traffic as we could. There was no hope of beating the wind today, even before emerging from the tent we could see it blowing. The rolling hills continued and I still wasn’t feeling like my legs wanted to take me to far, but we pushed forward with the image of hot showers, a warm bed and laundry in mind with our end point for the day being Fort Bragg.

For breakfast we stopped in Elk, at Queenie’s Roadhouse Cafe. As we pulled up it seemed as though everyone inside was just staring at us, but after getting in, sitting down and ordering we realized it was a really good stop. With really good coffee and free refills, as well as great food, we thoroughly enjoyed this stop.

Again there was a fair bit of traffic and no shoulders, however, luckily again, there seemed to be more traffic coming towards us than passing us.

Continuing onward into headwinds, we kept going until our second stop of the day in Mendochino. Finally we were getting into the areas with a population of more than 500. Mendochino seemed like a nice town and we stopped for a pastry each from the bakery. We were not pressed for time today so we were able to relax a bit more on the ride.

Fort Bragg was the final push of the day and not too far from Mendochino. We knew we were looking for a motel and while passing the Motel 6 it seemed to be a good enough place to stop. After circling around, we checked in, did laundry, then set out for dinner and a quick trip to Safeway for snacks for tomorrow. Tomorrow is our day to conquer Legett – the highest peak on the Pacific Coast route at over 1700 feet, plus a lot of other smaller hills along the way. We’d also like to reach Leggett early enough in the day to be able to get to the park with the Drive Through Tree. Needless to say it will be an early morning!