Day 30: Hickey State Park to Burlington State Park

We returned to the Peg House for their famed breakfast burritos only to find out that they didn’t have any this morning, so we settled for bagels and cream cheese, and two huge cookies for the road.

Today was supposed to be an easy day – mostly continuing the descent we climbed up yesterday but at a very low grade. This was a very good thing since it seemed like my legs weren’t going to do any more work today. From early on, there was extreme headwinds coming down the river towards us. I had hoped by being inland we could avoid the winds, but it didn’t appear that way.

Along the way we met Danny, a southbound Pacific Coast tourer. He was also doing distances similar to ours and happy to hear not everyone does 100 miles per day. The only other tourer he had talked do was doing this type of distances and made him feel quite inadequate.

Along the way we saw many roadside stands and attractions, some seeming quite desperate for their portion of tourist money. We were on and off the 101 a few times today. With the 101 being quite busy we were usually happy to find our turn off. One turnoff into Redway didn’t seem to reduce the traffic at all, but we found our way into town and stopped for lunch.

Avenue of the Giants was coming up, so we continued on into the park area to find a campground for the night. We didn’t make any plans today for where to camp since there seemed to be many options.

Avenue of the Giants finally took us off busy roads and was a great ride through the huge trees. We made it to Burlington campground in the middle of the redwoods, setup camp and made dinner.