Day 31: Burlington State Park to Eureka

Waking up before the sun had come over the mountains gave us time to get going before the most magical time in the redwood forest, when the morning beams of sun come sparkling through. We leisurely rode through the forest on the quiet Avenue of the Giants so we could fully appreciate the trees and the views.

With a hint of melancholy, we reached the end of the Avenue of the Giants and returned to the 101. Our goal for the day was to make it to Eureka, an 80km day which we’re trying to make our new ‘average’ day. Aside from the headwinds, the ride on the freeway was without any problems given the large shoulders. Pushing onward to Eureka, we only stopped briefly in Rio Dell for lunch. There was a great roadside General Store/Deli where we each had a sandwich. They were very friendly and well setup to accommodate lots of people in the peak season. From there the next destination was Ferndale. We were told it was a nice Victorian town, but the headwinds were quite strong riding there so we took a shortcut across a farm road straight to Fernbridge. In Fernbridge we crossed a narrow bridge where all traffic lined up patiently behind us as we pushed into the wind to get across the bridge.

We eventually arrived in Eureka, riding the busy 101 into town. The town wasn’t too impressive, but as we got further in we did see some improvements. After checking into a motel, we walked to Radio Shack so Jesse could get another month cell phone plan, and then we went to the Lost Coast brewery for dinner.