Day 32: Eureka to Blue Lake

We stayed at the motel until checkout, maximizing our time there and not worrying about an early departure. Before leaving Eureka, we had to find more fuel canisters for the stove so we visited a couple outdoor stores. Eventually being ready to leave, we started riding on the route past the old town and near the waterfront. I had expected more of the old town, but there wasn’t too much there. It was particularly entertaining yesterday when we walked past the prison and across the street was the huge 24/7 Bail Bonds store.

Before we got out of the city, while we were checking our maps, someone on a scooter came up behind us and stopped. His name was Chris and he stopped to see if we needed a place to stay for the night and offered to let us stay at his place. He lived in Blue Lake which was about 10km farther inland from Arcata. We weren’t too sure at the time what our goal for the day was, so we took his information and after chatting a bit more with him, we went our separate ways.

We quickly decided we would accept his offer and spend the afternoon in nearby Arcata. It was a short ride on the freeway before reaching the small hippy town of Arcata. While riding into the city we were surprised when someone yelled out “no riding on the road!!!” but then after turning back we saw Jim Frogs, the man we’ve seen off and on the past couple day who is also going northbound. We caught up briefly with him, circled the town, then returned to a small cafe in the main square and spent a few hours there.

There was another brewery in Blue Lake that was apparently quite good and had happy hour ending at 6, so with this news we road quickly along the small farm roads to Chris’ home in Blue Lake. It was a great ride and felt more like a leisurely after-dinner ride. While riding the small back road, a man stopped us to tell us about the hen turkey that had come back this season – he was very excited.

Coming into the town, it seemed like everyone was enjoying time at the river. We found out after the day was warmer than most days previously experienced in this area so people were exceptionally happy with the weather.

We found Chris’ place, quickly settled in before heading to the brewery. The brewery was a small, community place with live musicians. After trying a couple types of local brews, we returned to Chris’ place for dinner and to help him catch their baby chickens and return them to their bed for the night.