Day 34: Prairie Creek to Crescent City

Today started with a slow climb out of the park. It was a really small gradient so we couldn’t see that we were climbing a hill, but certainly hoped we were since neither of us could ride too quickly. Along the way we saw “The Big Tree” so we stopped to see it. We also met a couple toures from the Montreal area so we talked to them briefly. They are also documenting their journey their website.

The climb continued but it was an enjoyable ride along the small park road which had little traffic and was in the forest. Eventually we reached the top and could being a long descent. The rest of the ride was enjoyable, even though it was in an area that the Adventure Cycling maps warned us about for being busy with a lot of traffic and no shoulders. The traffic didn’t seem to be bad at all, perhaps since it is still very much off season.

We had another large climb into Crescent City. It was one of the hottest days we had experienced so far and it was a pretty decent climb we had to do. After sailing down the long decent, we rode right into Crescent City into strong blowing winds. I found Jesse up ahead at an abandoned building waiting for me (he’s always significantly faster on both the uphill and the downhill). Finally he had cell reception and found out we did have a Warm Showers host in Crescent City waiting for us. While Jesse got the directions I went to the nearby gas station to purchase two large bottles of PowerAid. We had about another 10km to go to reach their place, so after making contact with them and finishing our drinks, we made our way there.

They had wonderful salads ready for us, as well as the wonderful news that tomorrow we should have tailwinds to ride in. We setup our tent in their backyard then went inside to enjoy dinner with them.