Day 40: Newport to Cape Lookout State Park

The next state park with hiker/biker sites was 100km away so we set that for our goal today. It was a really foggy day so many of the scenic views along the way we didn’t get to enjoy.

Along the way we stopped in Lincoln City for lunch and to get some things for dinner. Along the road, after emergency vehicles went speeding past, traffic seemed to come to a stop. There was over a mile of backed up traffic, but we rode ahead to get to the front of the line. A few people made comments about the bikes – wanting to borrow them, how much better they were in this situation… Arriving at the front, we could see the whole road was blocked from the accident. We didn’t have to wait too long before they started letting a few cars from our direction go. We had to ride through the broken glass of the accident, but got through quickly. However, not too far down the road Jesse discovered he had a flat tire, so we stopped at a picnic area in the town so he could fix the problem. We made our next stop Pacific City, a small town right on the coast that seemed to be primarily a vacation spot. We bought some salt water taffy in the shop there, checked the price of the hotel, and then continued on to Cape Lookout.

Cape Lookout was up and over a large hill, and end the end of a long day the hill seemed extra challenging. However the lack of traffic made it easier. When we arrived we talked to another couple from the Ukraine who were going south, but because they took the 101 to the campground they had to go over the hill as well, and knew that hill was again waiting for them for tomorrow. It seemed as though they wanted to love bike touring, but with all the gear they were carrying with them and the short length of their trip, that may not happen.