Day 41: Cape Lookout to Nahalem State Park

To the shout of someone calling “Park Ranger!” we arose this morning. Opening the tent, the ranger was standing there not looking too impressed. She told us we had to move our tent immediately since we were in the group camping section instead of the hiker/biker area. Saying we’re in a $76 site and she keeps finding people in this area and her boss is going to get mad. After talking to us, she proceeded to the Ukrainian couple, telling them the same thing. It seemed as though she made them upset, since after a lot of argumentative discussion she eventually backpedaled a bit to say they could finish their breakfast, and “I know your in a strange country, with strange people… I’m not mad at you, I don’t hate you” and other similar comments. If this keeps happening, then there must be something wrong with their system, not us!

After chatting a bit farther with the Ukrainians, we started the day. We rode 20km into the town of Tillamook for breakfast. We were told to stop at the Tillamook cheese factory which was just on the other side of town, so we made that our next stop. We wandered the factory, had some free cheese samples and bought some ice cream.

With headwinds, we weren’t moving too quickly and we weren’t yet sure where we would stay for the night. We planned to stay in Astoria tomorrow night, so we didn’t have to make today’s ride too far. We stopped again in Rockaway at a tiny seafood place which had picnic tables out front. We attempted to find a spot for the night, but with it being a Saturday night motels were more expensive, and there was only one camping area with hiker/biker sites and that seemed a bit too close. We settled on the close campground so we could be assured a spot at the hiker biker site, then made our way. We knew there was a large hill coming up but I was really hoping it would be after the campground.

As we started climbing a hill I mentally prepared myself for the large hill I saw on the elevation map, but quickly we reached the top and so I knew it wasn’t the large hill I was waiting for. We arrived at the campground leaving the hill to attack tomorrow morning.