Day 42: Nahalem State Park to Astoria

We knew our day would be fairly short as we planned to meet Mark and Ryan in Astoria. Still we were awake early and started packing up right away. We spent some time talking with a couple from Alaska who were on a two week loop around Portland. It was their first bike tour so they were still seeing how it would go.

We rode through town but didn’t get very far since Jesse saw a sign for donuts. We went into the cafe for breakfast – and it was a very worthwhile stop. While we were there a family from Seattle sat next to us and we chatted with them for a while. They offered to help us out however we may need when we go to Seattle, so after exchanging contact information we set of for a later start. We started today’s ride with a couple hills which weren’t too bad, and certainly easier at the start of a day then at the end.

Our next stop was Cannon Beach at another bakery with good reviews Jesse found. There we talked with a man who is really into cycling, though hasn’t gotten too into touring, and who had started the bike sharing White Bike program in Anchorage. Still having not made much progress, we continued towards Astoria with amazing tail winds to push us along.

The park ranger at Nahalem gave us many places to check out for food and some breweries while in Astoria. When we were riding around town to see if we could find Mark and Ryan, we saw the boat in the parking lot that is supposed to be the place to go to. We stopped there for more food, and while in line we spoke with a regular who goes there once per week and confirmed we were indeed at the best spot.

Not long after we met up with Mark and Ryan, then booked a room at the hostel just down the street. After getting settled and catching up on stories, we went to the nearby brewery for more chatting. There we met two girls who were astounded with our trip and had seen us and our bikes at the boat earlier. We chatted with them for a while, and continued sharing stories before returning to the hostel for the night.