Day 45: Shelton to Port Orchard

Our shorter day which we earned yesterday let us leave a bit later today, so before leaving we went to Blondie’s restaurant for lunch. Our server was the restaurant’s namesake Blondie, and she was full of stories and was very chatty with us.

Right as we left the rain started, and continued for the rest of the day. It was just a light rain to go along with the overcast sky. Most of our ride was on backroads which weren’t too interesting, until we came close to reaching Port Orchard.

We had Warm Showers hosts waiting for us, and we could see from the map it would be a bit tricky getting there, but we didn’t realize how difficult until we saw the roads for ourselves. In order to get to the road we needed, we would have to cross four lanes of the freeway, since the exit was on the inside of the road. We stood there seeing if traffic would ease up at any point, but it never seemed to so we looked at the map again and found a detour. The detour involved some large and very steep hills and a lot of riding in the wrong direction, but eventually we found our hosts Anita & Neal and their dog Molly who greeted us with a glass of wine and treated us to an evening of great conversation.