Day 46: Port Orchard to Seattle

Today we caught the Port Orchard to Bremerton foot ferry before catching the larger ferry to Seattle. The large ferry was free and the small foot ferry was only $2 so it was quite the inexpensive trip. The ferry took us to downtown Seattle where we met with Jesse’s friend Tatenda for a while.

In the afternoon we went to REI to have our bikes looked at. I asked the mechanic about tune ups and if we would have to make an appointment, and he said he could quickly look at our bikes but that they were fully booked for 3 weeks if we needed something major done. So we brought them in and were amazed at the service we received. Many minor adjustments were done on my bike to fix the gear shifting problem I was having, and he showed us how we can also make these minor adjustments since there is an easy way with our bikes. He taught us many useful tricks to recognize when the bikes would need maintenance. Our chains were still okay, but my front tire needed truing, and I needed a new back tire. These were the only aspects we had to pay for, so overall we had a great experience.

We returned to Pike Market for some baked goods before we heading to Tatenda’s. We knew Seattle had a lot of bike paths but it wasn’t too easy to find them. We were in the downtown core so we ended up on busy streets initially, but found our way to a large park with a bike path through it. Once we got there we stayed on the pathway, looking for one to take us over the bridge. As we followed along the path got a bit damp, then muddy, then it went underneath the water. The muddiest and dirtiest we’ve been in one of the largest cities on the trip. We walked our bikes and what we thought was a short ride turned into a much longer one as we pushed our bikes through thick mud.

Eventually we made it to Tatenda’s where we enjoyed dinner together with his family, and he and Jesse were able to catch up on stories.