Day 47: Seattle to Freeland

We started our ride in the busy morning and tried to follow the bike route north leaving the city. Mostly we were able to stay on bike friendly roads but we did find ourselves on some busy stretches which if we were local we may have been able to avoid. We felt the extra weight from the added gear that we had shipped ahead and picked up at Tatenda’s.

We stopped at a cafe before getting too far for a quick break. Then it wasn’t too far to the ferry to Whidbey Island. It was a quick ferry across, then we waited for all the cars to pass before we started our way up the hill from the ferry. As we’re continuing up the hill a car slows and talks to Jesse behind me. Jesse quickly tells her about our trip which impresses her, then she drives ahead and pulls over so we can properly talk. We learn Donna is a road cyclist on the island and she invites us to stay with her for the night. We quickly agree which pleases Donna, so we take down her address before she heads off.

Donna’s place wasn’t far, but on the way we stop for our pasta salad lunch which Tatenda’s wife Faith made for us, and also to attempt to wash some of the mud off our bikes which we collected in Seattle. As we near Donna’s home, she sees us again from her car and shouts for us to just go to her house and she’ll be back in a bit. So we find her house and settle down on the porch with our books until she returns. When she does return Donna calls out from her car “I so hoped you wouldn’t be sitting on my porch” – apparently she wanted us to go inside.

We quickly go inside and change since we’re heading out right away to get pizza with Donna’s friends. We’re told it’s ‘typical Donna’ style to invite strangers over to stay with her, and that we aren’t the first.

We enjoyed great pizza with great company with a view overlooking the water.