Day 48: Freeland to Oak Harbor

We told Donna we would stick around until she returned from her morning ride, so after waking up we relaxed, made breakfast and got some laundry done. We awoke to the note in the photo below so it was easy to make ourselves at home.

Friends were meeting us today where ever we ended up, though Donna offered to have them come to Hotel Donna, we decided eventually to get going since we hoped to reach Vancouver by Monday.

Donna rode with us for part of the ride before she had to turn around to return home. On our way we saw some other tourers so we stopped to talk to them, then as we continued another guy found us and rode along with us, so the five of us continued north towards the ferry. We said goodbye to the other three there and kept going, with plans to meet Daryl, Karen and Karen’s mom in the next little bit.

Nice, easy and flat riding was ahead so I was cruising along when I turned back and didn’t see Jesse anywhere behind me. I stood and waited a few minutes to see if he was coming, but still I didn’t see him. I wondered if maybe Daryl and Karen had found him and he was chatting while I had continued on, so I waited a bit longer. Eventually I turned around and rode for a bit before I saw Jesse at the side of the road with his bike pulled apart. He was fixing a flat tire so I joined him on the grass as he fixed it.

As we kept going up the highway we heard honking as we saw Daryl pass by us. He continues past and then finds us on a sidestreet where he stops and we all stand around excitedly chatting for a while until another car comes behind them and forces us to disperse. We agreed to meet in Oak Harbor up ahead so Jesse and I got back on our bikes and rode on.

We were treated to a night in the motel and dinner at a nearby seafood restaurant (thank you!!) and had a great time catching up with good friends.

  • daryl

    Sweeet I made it into the blog!!!

  • Donna Rice

    Me too! It was awesome meeting you two….my friends say hi….safe travels!