Day 49: Oak Harbour to Langley (Canada!)

With the last minute decision to make today our longest ride of the trip so far, we started fairly early after taking advantage of the motel’s continental breakfast. I hadn’t realized how close my friend Krystal lived to the route we would be riding, so our plans didn’t include staying at her place. However with this realization, we decided to push 135 km today to just barely cross the border and stay at 0 Avenue in Langley – right on the border.

We rode along the quiet roads of Whidbey island until reaching Deception Pass on then northern tip. Given it was a long weekend in Canada, there were quite a few cars with BC plates passing us. Deception Pass was quite the tourist attraction and gave Whidbey island a new feeling. We stopped there so I could take photos (also at Daryl’s request, since he wasn’t able to) and to explore the area.

We continued on, riding along the beautiful Chukanut highway near Bellingham. It was a very long day and we avoided taking extra long breaks as we often do, but I never felt to worried about making it before dark, just about making it around the time we said we would be there.

We reached the border and weren’t too sure how we were supposed to cross. We rode to the front of the line and then followed the lane for buses, where we were told to pull ahead and check in at the office. We put our bikes out front where we saw three customs agents who told us we could lock them to the bike rack nearby. Though we didn’t think they could be in a safer location so we didn’t bother locking them. It was a quick and easy process to get through customs, and from there we had less than 10km to go to reach Krystal’s.

We turned onto 0 Avenue and the first thing we saw was many large rolling hills. These weren’t exactly to thrilling to see at the end of our longest day, but we went slowly knowing we were close and excited to have made it into Canada and I was very excited to see Krystal after quite a few years.

A few hills later we did find her place and spent the evening catching up.