Day 57: Galiano Island to Crofton

With our first steps out the door the rain started this morning. Today would be the first day back on the bikes after nearly a week off. Jesse’s parents, Larry and Marilou, offered to give us a ride since they were coming with us to Vancouver Island for a few days but we stubbornly refused saying we were happy to get back on the bikes. We rode off to the ferry terminal meeting them again on-board.

A couple hours later we arrived at the Swartz Bay terminal where we put on all our rain gear and got started on our ride. The bike route from the ferry was very well marked and allowed us to look at our surroundings rather than worry about traffic or where we were going. Our plan today was to take the Mill Bay ferry, thus skipping the Malahat Highway which we heard wasn’t good to ride on, and we were to meet our friend Curtis who we met on his trip across Canada a year ago when he stayed with us. He lives in Duncan where we were going to meet him, then ride with him to his girlfriend Bonnie’s home in Crofton.

We met again with Larry and Marilou who were waiting for us at the next ferry terminal, watching as one ferry departed since we were obviously slower to arrive. We sought shelter from the rain in their car until the next ferry was ready for departure and during the ride across. Once across we parted ways for the rest of the day.

While riding to Duncan when I stopped to check the map and wait for Jesse a man pulled over to see if I needed help with anything. As Jesse pulled up behind me as I was telling him we were going to Duncan. We couldn’t read his response but we were left wondering if he approved of our route or if there was something else that he was thinking but not telling us as he seemed quite hesitant and guarded with his responses.

Taking the trans Canada highway into Duncan we quickly found Curtis’ place and met up with him, then sped the rest of the way in the rain to Bonnie’s. While going up the last hill into Crofton I noticed my bike seemed quite bouncy. I couldn’t figure out what was going on and thought maybe my Brooks saddle was having a hard time in the rain. I quickly realized I had a flat tire – my first flat tire of all our tours. I texted ahead to Jesse and hoped he wouldn’t be too far ahead so I wouldn’t have to walk to far. He received my text and passed along a message to Curtis who was also ahead. We were close so instead of fixing the flat we filled it with air again and kept going. We repeated this twice. Curtis did come quickly with a truck to make sure everything was okay and told us we were almost there. As we walked up the last bit of the road Jesse noticed he too had a flat tire. We had no idea what caused our flats.

With Bonnie and Curtis
With Bonnie and Curtis
Bonnie was waiting to greet us and warmly welcomed us into her home. While I chatted with her, Jesse chatted with Curtis and tended to the flat tires. Once sorted we all sat down to enjoy the great meal Bonnie prepared and to share stories from the road.