Day 58: Crofton to Nanaimo

Waking up late after what felt like one of my best sleeps of the trip, we had breakfast and then rode back to the highway with Curtis before parting ways and wishing him the best on his trip down the Pacific Coast. He is waiting for the rain forecast to ease up a bit and then he will ride south (with the wind) to San Diego. He will also be keeping a blog so we’ll be sure to follow his journey.

We were meeting Larry and Marilou again today and planned to stay with them in Nanaimo. First we would meet with them in Chemainus before going to Marilou’s cousins home just down the road. We made it to Chemainus fairly early, again in the pouring rain, and found a cafe to relax, warm up and wait in. Chemainus is a very cute tourist town, but in the rain we didn’t feel like wandering around. After not too long Jesse’s parents found us, and we decided to take them up on their offer to put the bikes on the roof for the rest of the ride. The rain was miserable and cold so we didn’t feel too guilty about this.

Guest Post by Larry, Jesse’s dad

Howdy. Dad here. Picked J & J up at Chemainus Vancouver Island. Rain rain rain and more rain.

We decided to drive them all the way back to Newfoundland. J/K

With bikes on my car racks we got them to Naniamo. Now sitting in dryness at hotel and heading soon for Thai food dinner suggested by cousin Jim and greatly wanted by Jackie. Tomorrow morning, all of us en route to Campbell River to stay at Painter’s Lodge, greatly wanted by Lou. Parting way with cyclists on Thursday; us returning to Vancouver, cyclists on island highway northward to Port Hardy and eventually ferry north bound to Prince Rupert. Cousin in Plunkett has been contacted. Their wheat and canola waiting J & J’s arrival (cousin Linda guarantees no hills).

After a nice visit Marilou’s cousins we enjoyed the drive to Nanaimo. We were also able to accomplish things like a trip to an outdoor store for Bear Bangers, a trip to Staples to try to find a cell phone case for my phone, as well as going to two different bikes stores to get more tubes for our bikes. There are advantages to travelling by car! Having successfully accomplishing nearly all our tasks (though it’s still near impossible to find a proper case for my phone) we wandered town a bit and then enjoyed a nice Thai dinner.