Day 61: Sayward to Woss

Today we weren’t sure how far we wanted to go. The next town was Woss or we could try to push on to Port McNeill, or wild camp somewhere along the way. We didn’t make any final decisions and just got going.

We had a decent sized hill to climb and it seemed all day we were either going uphill or downhill at all times – there didn’t seem to be any flat areas.

It wasn’t too long before the rain began. It was on and off most of the day, and at times very very strong. We looked at the windshield wipers of oncoming cars to have an idea of what it was like ahead. When all the cars coming towards us had their wipers on the fastest speed, we stopped to put on all of our rain gear, and certainly that was a good decision. The rain was pouring down and we were going downhill which made us even colder. The sun did come out afterwards however and finally we were able to see some of the scenery of Vancouver Island. We could see some snow topped mountains – finally able to see the peaks.

Once we arrived in Woss we still weren’t sure what to do. I knew Port McNeill was still too far for comfort for me. Riding straight without taking any breaks was a new kind of challenge for us, but I was still open to the idea of wild camping since the rain had dissipated for the moment. Woss had was a Pub & Sushi place plus a general store and not much else. So we stopped at the pub where I had sushi and Jesse had a club house sandwich. After being impressed with the place we decided the motel sounded like a good idea, so we booked in there for the night.