Day 73: Burns Lake to Fraser Lake

Since our campsite wasn’t really the kind where we like to relax and take our time, we were quickly up and out from there. We went with Yvon for morning coffee to New Leaf Cafe on the main street in Burns Lake where we received probably the most unfriendly service of the whole trip. Not rude, just indifferent to our presence, or perhaps as if we were a nuisance.

We said goodbye to Yvon here since he had plans to go farther than us today. Jesse had work to do so he was hoping to be able to get some done today. It’s not unlikely that our paths will cross again as our routes are quite similar, though Jesse and I seemed to add on extra detours to our overall route and tend to be a bit slower.

Since we couldn’t find anywhere in town to work we decided to ride to Fraser Lake to hopefully be able to hang out at the library in town which was open until 8pm. With this goal we started our ride.

It was 70km to Fraser Lake so we rode straight through, only stopping at the roadside rest stops. During most of the ride it didn’t rain but there were cold dark skies which kept us from lingering when we did stop. As we were just making our way into town, the rain started. We found the library but realized it didn’t open until 3pm, so we went to a nearby restaurant for some food and to wait. When we did go to the library we found out they didn’t offer wireless internet, only wired internet and after the first 1/2 they charged $1/30min. So we quickly planned out the next few days, I bought two books for $0.25 each, and we made our way to the campground.

The municipal campground in Fraser Lake was also free, but this one is much nicer than the one at Burns Lake. It’s a large open park area right on the water, with beautiful views, and far enough from town that we were comfortable to relax. Soon the rain started pouring down, but we setup in a covered area and even found electrical outlets so we could charge everything that needed charging. Having done more camping recently we have fallen behind with our technology needs.