Day 74: Fraser Lake to Vanderhoof

We left our quiet waterfront free camp and went up the road to the breakfast diner. We had a nice breakfast there and were able to delay our departure until it warmed up. The sun did come out and we started on our way to Vanderhoof. It was another short day, hopefully giving Jesse the time to get some work done once we arrived in town.

It was a fairly uneventful ride, and we made it into town fairly early in the day. We visited the old town museum buildings and got lunch at the cafe there as well. Afterwards we went to one grocery store but the people loitering outside made us a bit uncomfortable. We checked out their municipal campground and it was nice with separate sites, but it was very quiet and still the same cost of the RV park up the street. The municipal sites aren’t to relaxing when we’re worried about locals coming down and causing some trouble, and we’re realizing the RV Parks often have fairly high levels of facilities to appease the RV folks, so they’re becoming a nice option we never would consider on any other type of trip.

We found another grocery store and a Tim Hortons, so we setup in there for a while. When arriving, a man stopped to talk to us, briefly asking about our trip. He quickly told us he was the town mayor, and was disappointed he didn’t have any pins to offer us. He ran off to refill his supply then came back to find us and give us the pins.

After many purchases at Tim Hortons, hiding from torrential rains, and getting a fair amount of work done, we set off up the huge hill to the RV Park. There we setup in the rain, and ducked into the common area for the evening.