Day 75: Vanderhoof to Prince George

In the early morning rain we packed up and went into the common area of the campground. There we had a bit of food, and happily received homemade muffins and other treats from the camp host which were wonderful and far more enjoyable than trail mix!

It was 100km to Prince George and we had a Warm Showers host waiting so we didn’t want to arrive too late. With the huge tail wind we were able to keep up our speed and fly to town. There was rain off and on but nothing too terrible. We stopped about halfway at a roadside restaurant and RV resort that had just opened up. We were happily surprised with the good food and good prices.

The last 50km into town we were racing a huge and menacing dark could. As we neared town it erupted so we ducked into a gas station which had a small seating area. Getting off the roads was nice – this stretch from Vanderhoof to Prince George was so far the worst stretch across the Yellowhead highway. Though with all the road construction this may soon change.

In the gas station we were able to get organized and figure out our next tasks. We had shipped a cell phone case (for my difficult to accessorize phone) to the post office and had also ordered new wheels into the bike store. The package was waiting at the post office, and it was an easy transaction at the bike store. They had our wheels and even installed them for us, staying open a bit later than the posted sign.

We then went to find our Warm Showers host, but he wasn’t home at the time so we waited in the park nearby, moving under the tree when the storm began again. After just a brief wait he came home and we were able to get in, dry off and relax for the evening with Theo’s very social dog and cat – he had plans for the evening but luckily still let us stay for the night.